Pay It Forward with Kindness

We offer a pay it forward with kindness option at check out because we know that sometimes things happen. When a crisis happens food should be the last thing you worry about.  Let your neighbors gift you a box. We want everyone in our community to have access to food that promotes overall wellness.

If you need a little kindness please click here to join the list. 

How it works? 

An order is placed for a Pay it Forward with Kindness box. Boxes are matched with individuals and families who are currently experiencing a crisis and need some kindness. 

For Kindness  individuals and families complete the above form and are notified when a box becomes available. Each box is matched with someone who currently is in need of kindness. They are gifted the boxes paid Forward with Kindness. 

To place an order please click here.

To Pay it Forward

  1. Select the number of boxes you would like to pay forward. 
  2. Choose Pay Forward with Kindness. 
  3. Click Order Now and head to check out. 

The items will be added to your cart without selecting items or a pickup time. 

If you are a business, school or organization looking to Pay it Forward for your community, students, employees or clients/customers please email us at