The Problem

In Westchester County, 70% of those experiencing food insecurity live above the federal poverty line. Marion Henson found herself living this experience. She grew up in Mount Vernon always having fresh fruits and vegetables on the table. However, things took a turn in 2017 when her husband lost his job. She found herself facing food insecurity while her family did not qualify for any assistance. Marion saw other families in a similar position - struggling to afford healthy food with nowhere to turn. She was determined to create a solution.

The Solution

Marion launched grocery pop-up Bloom Healthy in July 2021 with the goal of providing affordable, humane access to fresh fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs to communities with limited access. She believes that food is medicine, and everyone has the right to fresh, healthy food. With this in mind, she created the Pay It Forward with Kindness program to allow people to purchase a box of fresh produce for a family in need of a little kindness. "No one should ever go hungry or fall ill because they are unable to afford healthy food."

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