What you need to know about Type 2 Diabetes? | Research

What you need to know about Type 2 Diabetes? | Research

Type 2 diabetes: About 37 million Americans have diabetes, 90-95 have Type 2 diabetes. Mostly in people over 45 years and noticed recently more on children and teenagers.

Causes: Cells don’t respond normally to insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas and controls blood sugar) causing insulin resistance resulting in high blood sugar.

Symptoms: Can take several years to develop and are hard to detect.

Risk factors: Having pre-diabetes/over the age of 45/having a family member with Type 2 diabetes/had gestational diabetes before/physically inactive/overweight/race (African American, Hispanic/Latino American/American Indian/Alaska Native).

Complications: Heart disease/chronic kidney disease/nerve damage/foot problem/oral problems/hearing loss/vision loss, mental issues.

Diagnosis: A1C test (6.5% or above)/fasting blood sugar test (126 mg/dl or above)/glucose tolerance test (200 mg/dl or above)/random blood sugar test (200 mg/dl or above).

Managing Type 2 diabetes: Checking blood sugar regularly/eating healthy/being physically active/using medications if there is any/keeping blood sugar and cholesterol under control/contacting health care team regularly (primary doctor, foot doctor, eye doctor, dentist, dietitian, diabetes educator, pharmacist).

Foods good for Type 2 diabetes: Beans (kidney/pinto/navy/black beans)/dark green leafy vegetables (spinach/kale/collards)/citrus fruit (grapefruits/oranges/lemons/limes)/berries (blueberries/strawberries)/tomatoes/fatty fish (salmon/herring/sardines/mackerel/trout and albacore tuna)/nuts (walnuts/flax seeds)/whole grains (whole oats/quinoa)/milk and yogurt (low fat and added sugar).



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